[TF2] Taunt Music Changer

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[TF2] Taunt Music Changer

Postby Sam » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:08 pm

Taunt Music Changer

Ver: 1.4


Replaces standard taunt music.


sv_tmc_enable - State switch (Default: 1)

sv_tmc_conga - The path to the sound for `Conga` (Default: "music/dc_sam.wav")

sv_tmc_kick - The path to the sound for `Kazotsky Kick` (Default: "music/hh_sam.wav")

sv_tmc_mann - The path to the sound for `Mannrobics` (Default: "music/fc_sam.wav")


TauntMusicChanger - Folder in source-python\plugins

files/music - Folder in Team Fortress 2\tf\sound

files-fastdl/music - Folder in Your_FastDL_host\tf\sound


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