GG-LastMan v1.0.0

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GG-LastMan v1.0.0

Postby satoon101 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:45 am

GG-LastMan is a sub-plugin for GunGame that ends the round only when there is 1 living player remaining. This primarily helps to make sure FFA and FFA-Elimination allow players to keep fighting teammates until only 1 player remains.

Download the attached zip file and extract it into your server's base directory (the same directory where you extracted Source.Python and GunGame).

Once you have it installed, add gg plugin load last_man to one of the configuration files you use on your server and restart the server. There is no configuration for GG-LastMan.

Help wanted/needed

If you find a bug or enhancement, please submit an issue on the issue tracker or a pull request. The repository can be found here:

Current version download
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