DeathBeam v1.0.0

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DeathBeam v1.0.0

Postby satoon101 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:20 pm

DeathBeam adds laser beams when a player dies to show the path from the killer's weapon to the location where the victim was shot.

The plugin has so far only been tested on CS:S, but should work on other OrangeBox games, as well as CS:GO. I will work to verify support for other games when I have the opportunity.

Here is the default configuration for CS:S:

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// Default Value: 10
// Set to the width of the death beam.
   db_beam_width 10

// Default Value: 4
// Set to the number of seconds for death beams to be visible.
   db_beam_time 4

// Default Value: "sprites/laser.vmt"
// Set to which vmt file to use for the deathbeam.
   db_beam_model "sprites/laser.vmt"

Currently, only team colors are supported, and all players see all death beams.

To create the configuration file, load death_beam on the server once and the default file will be created at ../cfg/source-python/death_beam.cfg. Edit the file to your liking and then re-load death_beam.

If you have suggestions or notice any bugs for the plugin, please feel free to post them on the issues list:

Thanks, and enjoy :)

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