GG-ChickenHunt v1.0.0

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GG-ChickenHunt v1.0.0

Postby satoon101 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:35 pm

GG-ChickenHunt is a game mode sub-plugin for GunGame where players only level up from killing chickens instead of killing enemies. This sub-plugin only works on CS:GO, as it uses the chicken entity that exists for that game.

Download the attached zip file and extract it into your server's base directory (the same directory where you extracted Source.Python and GunGame).

Once you have installed GG-ChickenHunt, GunGame must be loaded (reloaded) on your server to create the configuration file. The file should be located at ../cfg/source-python/gungame/custom_plugins/gg_chicken_hunt.cfg. Edit the file to your liking. The default cfg file currently looks like this:

Code: Select all

// Default Value: 20
// The maximum number of chickens on the map at any given time.
   gg_chicken_hunt_max_chickens 20

// Default Value: 0
// Enable/Disable allowing nade kills on chickens to count towards leveling up
//   when not on nade level.
   gg_chicken_hunt_allow_nade_kills 0

// Default Value: 0
// Enable/Disable allowing knife kills on chickens to count towards leveling up
//   when not on knife level.
   gg_chicken_hunt_allow_knife_kills 0

Once you have it configured, add gg plugin load chicken_hunt to one of the configuration files you use on your server and restart the server.

Help wanted/needed

There are translations for GG-ChickenHunt. Currently only English is supported. If you know more than one language, please assist me by posting a pull request to update the translations.

If you find a bug or enhancement, please submit an issue on the issue tracker or a pull request. The repository can be found here:
gg_chicken_hunt -
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