[CSGO] Team Swapper

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[CSGO] Team Swapper

Postby silviogreuel » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:57 pm

Swaps teams

Type in chat:


Create a file in:

Copy paste script to swapper.py

Load plugin adding sp plugin load swapper or type manualy on server console

Syntax: Select all

from commands.say import SayCommand

from players.helpers import playerinfo_from_index

from enum import Enum

from cvars.public import PublicConVar
from cvars import ConVarFlags
from plugins.info import PluginInfo

info = PluginInfo()
info.name = "Swapper"
info.author = "Silvio Greuel <silviogreuel@gmail.com>"
info.version = "1.0.0"
info.basename = "swapper"
info.variable = info.basename + "_version"
info.convar = PublicConVar(info.variable, info.version, info.name + " Version", ConVarFlags.NONE)

class TeamEnum(Enum):
un = 0
spec = 1
t = 2
ct = 3

@SayCommand(['.ct', '!ct'])
def swap_ct_cmd(command, playerindex, teamonly):
swap_to(playerindex, TeamEnum.ct)

@SayCommand(['.t', '!t'])
def swap_t_cmd(command, playerindex, teamonly):
swap_to(playerindex, TeamEnum.t)

@SayCommand(['.spec', '!spec'])
def swap_spec_cmd(command, playerindex, teamonly):
swap_to(playerindex, TeamEnum.spec)

@SayCommand(['.swap', '!swap'])
def swap_cmd(command, playerindex, teamonly):

def swap_to(playerindex, team):
player = playerinfo_from_index(playerindex)
player.team = team.value

def swap(playerindex):
player = playerinfo_from_index(playerindex)
if TeamEnum.ct is TeamEnum(player.team):
swap_to(playerindex, TeamEnum.t)
elif TeamEnum.t is TeamEnum(player.team):

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