Development status update (October 2015)

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Development status update (October 2015)

Postby Ayuto » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:39 am

A lot has happened in october and we have added some major features! Here are the main highlights.

Beside these changes we have also added a new site package called "sphinx" (and its dependencies). Sphinx is a tool to generate documentation either from files that have been created manually or directly from the source code. We are planning to replace our old wiki with a new one very soon. Some of you might have already noticed a new build job on our Buildbot called "Source.Python - Documentation". This build job gets triggered everytime a new Source.Python version has been generated. On that base a new documentation will be generated.
The latest output is currently always available here:

As soon we have finished the wiki it will be of course available via

We have also added console commands to generate documentation for your own projects (plugins and custom packages)! At first you have to create a new Sphinx project. You can easily do that by running "sp docs create <plugin or custom package>". If you want to generate the files that will auto-generate documentation from source code, run "sp docs generate <plugin or custom package". To build the documentation run "sp docs build <plugin or custom package". Make sure you have an in your plugin/custom package directory. To open the documentation go to the build directory (e.g. ../addons/source-python/docs/plugins/my_plugin/build) and open the index.html. More on that will be added to the new wiki. But feel free to ask questions or give some feedback! :)

You can also use these commands to generate an offline copy of the Source.Python documentation! By doing that you can help us filling the wiki!
See also:

The full changelog can be found here:

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