Development status update (August 2015)

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Development status update (August 2015)

Postby Ayuto » Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:11 pm

We have decided to give a development status update on a monthly base, now. For major changes/additions we will make additional announcements.

Here are the changes made in August 2015:

  • Major performance improvements for the BaseEntity.get_key_value_* methods. We rewrote them in C++ and added better error checking.
  • Updated EntityPreHook and EntityPostHook decorators
  • Added <PlayerEntity>.say(<message>) and <PlayerEntity>.say_team(<message>) to force a player to say something
  • Added more dynamic and virtual functions for OrangeBox games and CS:GO
  • Fixed a crash
  • Exposed CUserCmd (useful to wrap the CUserCmd pointer in a CBasePlayer::PlayerRunCommand() hook)
  • Added the ability to mute players. Available through the players.voice.mute_manager or directly by using PlayerEntity.mute/unmute/is_muted
  • Added the ability to register a command callback with multiple decorators
  • Improved _EngineTrace .enumerate_entities_in_box() (you don't need to care about the order of the first two Vector arguments)
  • Fixed not being able to iterate over all output names
  • Added the ability to register listeners for entity outputs (OnUse, OnStartTouch, OnKilled, etc.)
  • Added CParticleSystem data
  • Performance updates for all basehandle_from_* functions
  • Fixed not being able to get the entity handle and classname from a non-networked entity
  • Added <BaseEntity>.is_networked() to check if the entity is a networked entity or non-networked entity
  • Added L4D2 team, weapon, CBaseEntity and CBasePlayer data
  • Added more error checking to various objects

For the full changelog, please look here:

We appreciate every feedback! :)

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