[CS:S/CS:GO] ConnectFilter

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[CS:S/CS:GO] ConnectFilter

Postby iPlayer » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:23 pm

[CS:S/CS:GO] ConnectFilter

This custom package provides ConnectFilter decorator that will allow you to reject clients on early stages of the connection process.

Huge thanks to Ayuto for diving into Source authentication and finding out how to obtain unvalidated SteamID right when the client connects.


Syntax: Select all

from connect_filter import ConnectFilter

def connect_filter(client):

# Check client's (unvalidated!) SteamID
if client.steamid == "STEAM_1:1:60368989":

# Reject the client
return "You're not allowed around here"

# Don't reject
return None

  1. Download the latest development snapshot of this package
  2. Extract contents of the SP-ConnectFilter-master directory to your mod folder
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