[CSS/CSGO] Downloader and Precacher

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[CSS/CSGO] Downloader and Precacher

Postby NosferatuJoe » Tue Feb 16, 2021 1:11 pm

Hey everyone,

I wondered if anyone is interested in recoding this plugin in SP:

This is a recoded one and a bit different but also has it's issues:

I've tried all similar plugins on sourcemod but with no success, all of them have weird and similar issues as this one.

We use this plugin in the WCS (Warcraft) mod but it doesn't seem to function properly since I'm getting late precache errors in console.log while the materials/effects are correctly added to the table. It used to work fine back in the days, but for some reason it's broken now and the plugin is no longer maintained. This plugin is also the only one which makes WCS dependable on Sourcemod (if you want to use custom stuff).

I have a CSGO linux server where I can test out stuff, so I'm open if any help is required in that regard.

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