[CSGO- Warcraft Source] Database saving issue

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[CSGO- Warcraft Source] Database saving issue

Postby NosferatuJoe » Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:19 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm really enjoying SP and all the plugins that come with it. So first of all a big thank you from me and my community on CSGO, without SP we wouldn't be able to enjoy CSGO as much.

Now we sadly have come onto a problem we can't seem to resolve. We're not 100% sure but we think it might be due to how the sqlite database saves.
ThaPwned has used a multi-threading method to save the player's data in the database. This method was nice since it didn't cause any in-game lagg BUT it did sometimes cause an infinite loop of null record creations, thus filling the database and creating 20-30 empty records per second.

We do know that most likely the issue can be found here in these 2 files:
https://github.com/ThaPwned/WCS/blob/ma ... 1333-L1338
https://github.com/ThaPwned/WCS/blob/ma ... ad.py#L186

I hope anyone can help us out with this issue because my community loves the warcraft mod but sadly there is only 1 person (Tha Pwned) capable of fixing these issues but he can't wrap his head around it.

I can gladly provide the latest crash dump if necessary. Please provide me with a website where I can upload this.

Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

<3 Nosferatu & The AFK (alwaysfunkilling) community
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