[TF2] Suppress mp_tournament_whitelist output

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[TF2] Suppress mp_tournament_whitelist output

Postby Zeus » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:49 pm

Basically every time the server changes level or does mp_tournament_restart it will spit out a giant list of allowing and denying items in both console and in in-game chat

Heres a snippet of what it looks like:

Code: Select all

 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Russian Arms Race'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Soviet Strongarm'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Table Tantrum'
 -> Removing 'Rancho Relaxo Taunt'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: Bucking Bronco'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Dueling Banjo'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Jumping Jack'
 -> Allowing 'Meet the Medic Heroic Taunt'
 -> Allowing 'Results Are In Taunt'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: Surgeon's Squeezebox'
 -> Allowing 'I See You Taunt'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: Didgeridrongo'
 -> Allowing 'Taunt: Most Wanted'
 -> Allowing 'Taunt: The Killer Solo'
 -> Allowing 'Buy A Life Taunt'
 -> Allowing 'Taunt: Disco Fever'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: Luxury Lounge'
 -> Removing 'Taunt: The Boxtrot'
 -> Allowing 'Battery Canteens'
 -> Allowing 'Default Power Up Canteen (MvM)'
 -> Allowing 'Duel MiniGame'
 -> Allowing 'Power Up Canteen (MvM)'

Would it make sense to hook the console output or something? As far as I can tell; theres not a way to do it via commands: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wik ... _variables
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Re: [TF2] Suppress mp_tournament_whitelist output

Postby InvisibleSoldiers » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:14 pm

Just find code that is responsible for this through output template in leaked tf2 code (or disassembled code) and you’ll immediately understand what can be done.
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Re: [TF2] Suppress mp_tournament_whitelist output

Postby Ayuto » Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:34 am

The cleanest way would be to find the correct memory address and fill the part that calls the function Msg with NOP instructions. The easiest and most stable way would be to hook the server output like shown here:

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