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Server Monitoring Plugin

Postby Zeus » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:26 am

Hey all!

So I'm a system administrator by day; ive recently started using some new monitoring software and I wanna use it with my TF2 servers.

Basically I want to write a plugin that outside processes can hit an endpoint and ask for information from the srcds process. Thinking I would just stand up a flask or bottle server and listen on an internal socket. It would be awesome to get these items out of the srcds process and be able to alert on various things; say like publish a message to a discord channel when the number of human players reaches more than 6. (in tf2 this would be a big deal)

Of course things I want to monitor live are specifics of the srcds process; CPU, RAM (RSS / VMS), Threads, network IO.
I was also thinking it would be nice to get some other metrics out of the server like:
- failed connection attempts
- number of players
- number of hltv spectators / normal spectators
- rcon password failed guesses
- unique clients

Wondering if anyone else had ideas for metrics to gather or thoughts on this idea; or even if anyone would find this useful for games other than tf2. Of course ill push my code out to github when i get it to work :D

Edit: as an addendum to this; I'm also planning on logging server events and using one of those logging aggrgation / visuaulaztion softwares. I could use that data to generate reports for players on the server, and make some cool dashboards

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