Grant permission for a specific Steam Group

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Grant permission for a specific Steam Group

Postby khaimovmr » Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:28 pm

Is there a possibility to apply this kind of authorization?
For example:
the sourcepython on the client connect checks whether he is the member of the specified Steam Group and if so - applies him specific permission, for example `the_group.officer`

What do you know about the feature like this guys?
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Re: Grant permission for a specific Steam Group

Postby DeaD_EyE » Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:25 pm

I am not familiar with SourcePython.
I guess SteamWorks does have this access, but I don't
know if additional stuff is needed. You could implement it by yourself,
if you're using the URL "{}/?xml=1" to
ask for profile information. This does only work, if the profile is public (I guess).
The blocking call in requests can be problematic. I used threads to solve this issue.

You must register an event, which asks Steam_API_Auth for client groups of a steam_id_64.
The callback is called as far the the class get the results. The results are cached.
During runtime the callback is called, which should give the steam_id_64 the right permission groups/flags or whatever.

This is pure python without SourcePython dependency.
I guess also requests is shipped with SourcePython. If not, you have to manage this dependency or
use urllib.request.urlopen(url).read().decode()

Code can be improved. Maybe asyncio is possible and better.
To improve it, you can change the cache_duration and maybe you work with local files on the server to cache it persistent.

Syntax: Select all

import time
from threading import Thread
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import requests
from requests.exceptions import ConnectTimeout, ReadTimeout

class Steam_API_Auth:
def __init__(self, *, group_ids_64, callback, timeout=120, cache_duration=3600):
self.url = "{}/?xml=1"
self.group_ids_64 = [str(gid).strip() for gid in group_ids_64]
self.callback = callback
self.cache = {}
self.timeout = timeout
self.cache_duration = cache_duration

def is_in_groups(self, steamid64):
if steamid64 in self.cache and self._timestamp_ok(steamid64):
self.callback(steamid64, self.cache[steamid64]["groups"])
thread = Thread(target=self._is_in_groups, args=(steamid64,), daemon=True)

def _timestamp_ok(self, steamid64):
timestamp = self.cache[steamid64]["timestamp"]
return time.time() - timestamp < self.cache_duration

def _is_in_groups(self, steamid64):
client_groups = [
group.get("groupID64") for group in self._get_groups(steamid64)
# print(client_groups)
self.cache[steamid64] = {"groups": {}, "timestamp": time.time()}
for group in self.group_ids_64:
if group in client_groups:
self.cache[steamid64]["groups"][group] = True
self.cache[steamid64]["groups"][group] = False
self.callback(steamid64, self.cache[steamid64]["groups"])

def _xml_find(self, text):
xml_doc = ET.fromstring(text)
return xml_doc.findall("groups/")

def _xml_to_dict(self, group):
return {child.tag: child.text for child in group}

def _get_groups(self, steamid64):
url = self.url.format(steamid64)
exceptions = (ConnectTimeout, ReadTimeout)
req = requests.get(url, timeout=self.timeout)
except exceptions:
yield {}
except Exception as e:
print("Exception:", type(e), "Details:", e)
if req.status_code == 200:
for group in self._xml_find(req.text):
yield self._xml_to_dict(group)
yield {}

def player_enters(steamid64):
triggerd by an event player connects

def callback(steamid64, is_in_groups):
SourcePython code to add more permissions to the client, if he is in group
print("SteamID64:", steamid64, "|", "Groups:", is_in_groups)

groups = [
steam_group_auth = Steam_API_Auth(
group_ids_64=groups, callback=callback, cache_duration=3600

# wrong
# player_enters('DeaD_EyE')

# sleep 10 seconds
# not needed later in code
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Re: Grant permission for a specific Steam Group

Postby Ayuto » Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:12 pm

Thank you for the example, DeaD_EyE! Though, requests is not shipped with Source.Python.

khaimovmr, here is the missing piece to grant a player permissions programmatically. ... permission

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