[CS:S/CSGO/TF2] War3Source Skills Problem

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Osker Lee
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[CS:S/CSGO/TF2] War3Source Skills Problem

Postby Osker Lee » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:01 am

Hi guys,i found the War3:Source plugin,it is very funny and supports CS:S,CSGO and TF2.I don't run a game server,so i just play CSGO with the bots,and the War3:Source plugin works well.

SV_StartSound: *war3source/ui/ReceiveGold.mp3 not precached (7470)
SV_StartSound: *war3source/levelupcaster.mp3 not precached (7471)
SV_StartSound: *war3source/mask.mp3 not precached (7472)

But there is a problem,you can't use the ability and ultimate skills,bind <key> +ability or +ultimate doesn't work.Help to solve please.
By the way,I can't hear any War3:Source sounds ingame.How to fix it?
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Re: [CS:S/CSGO/TF2] War3Source Skills Problem

Postby Ayuto » Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:08 pm

You definitely asked on the right forum already:

Source.Python has nothing to do with War3Source. It's a SourceMod plugin. Of course you are allowed to ask such questions here, but the chances are quite low to get a response here. And it's a little bit cheeky to ask the same questions on 3 or 4 forums.

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