[PROBLEM] Installing Source Python

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Re: [PROBLEM] Installing Source Python

Postby Farmor » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:08 am

i have seen this:
Hey !
Nice update ! :) Thanks you

I have a problem to load sp on my server (my host is MtxServ) :
Code: [Select]
[SP] Loading plugin 'wcgo'...
[SP] Caught an Exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File '../addons/source-python/packages/source-python/plugins/manager.py', line 71, in __missing__
instance = self.instance(plugin_name, self.base_import)
File '../addons/source-python/packages/source-python/plugins/instance.py', line 82, in __init__
self._plugin = import_module(import_name)
File '../addons/source-python/plugins/wcgo/wcgo.py', line 25, in
File '../addons/source-python/plugins/wcgo/database.py', line 4, in
import sqlite3
import wcgo.database
File '../addons/source-python/Python3/sqlite3/__init__.py', line 23, in
from sqlite3.dbapi2 import *
File '../addons/source-python/Python3/sqlite3/dbapi2.py', line 26, in
from _sqlite3 import *
ImportError: libsqlite3.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[SP] Plugin 'wcgo' was unable to be loaded.

answer: Try copying libsqlite3.so.0 from ../addons/source-python/Python3/plat-linux/ to your base directory (where srcds_linux is located).

BUT i am running on windows? so what have i to copy?
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Re: [PROBLEM] Installing Source Python

Postby L'In20Cible » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:22 pm

Type sp info in your server console and paste the result here.
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Re: [PROBLEM] Installing Source Python

Postby iPlayer » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:37 am

So you've tried another one, eh. I've always been confused with Mahi/Predz WCS plugins inheritance and order, but try this one:


This one is definitely more up-to-date, last commit was just 12 days ago.

Before installing, delete your addons/source-python/plugins/warcraft folder completely.
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