DosattackFix , Player Limit Remover

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DosattackFix , Player Limit Remover

Postby Painkiller » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:48 pm

Hi Source Python Team and Community,
I have two plugins which work only with the old server files from the home/hl2dmserver/bin folder.
The two files are:

with these files then start these two plugins form :

DoS Attack Fixer
Player Limit Remover

I talked with the creators of the page and with the creators of the plugins.
They assured me they will not work any more.

If I now leave these above mentioned server dates off do not load these now.
Who could do this,
one of these old server files the before organgebox no longer needs?

Code: Select all

Unable to load plugin "..\hl2mp\addons\daf\bin\dosattackfix"
Unable to load plugin "../hl2mp/addons/plr_i486"

Thanks in Advance

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