MOTDPlayer Full Installation Tutorial (Debian + uWSGI/Flask/MOTDPlayer)

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MOTDPlayer Full Installation Tutorial (Debian + uWSGI/Flask/MOTDPlayer)

Postby iPlayer » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:13 pm

In the light of MOTDPlayer v2 completion, I've made a video tutorial on how to:
  1. Install Debian into a VMWare Workstation Player
  2. Prepare your Linux setup to run a web-server with MOTDPlayer
  3. Install and configure CCP+MOTDPlayer SRCDS parts into your Source Dedicated Server
  4. Install and configure CCP+MOTDPlayer web-server parts into your Linux setup
  5. Synchronize SRCDS with a web-server using a secret salt
  6. Check that everything works using an example WebSocket plugin that is shipped with MOTDPlayer

Possible use cases:
  • (production) You rent a VDS with any Linux OS (in this case you skip step 1, but you will also need to setup nginx - that's not covered in the tutorial);
  • (development) You want to test your MOTDPlayer application (in this case you do the full tutorial);

Make sure you check the video description! There're time tags that lead you to different parts of the tutorial.

*list of things that changed in MOTDPlayer since the tutorial was posted*
  1. Flask application now requires lib installed. Corresponding command was added to the "Commands used in Linux terminal" section.
  2. MOTDPlayer config and secret salt locations were moved to cfg/source-python/motdplayer/

Commands used in Linux terminal:
To install uWSGI on Linux Mint
Instead of this line

Code: Select all

pip3 install uwsgi

use this line

Code: Select all

CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include" LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib" UWSGI_PROFILE_OVERRIDE=ssl=true pip3 install uwsgi -I --no-cache-dir

(thanks to Ehrmann)

Useful links:
Latest Debian ISOs:
VMWare Workstation Player 12 (Free): ... layer/12_0
MOTDPlayer repo:
CCP (Custom Communication Port) repo:
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